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24 September 2007 17:00

nava versão do xm-spotlight

esse m[odulo realmente é show. até hoje não entendi porque o news não sai com essa função de fábrica :-) inté

24 September 2007 14:00

nava versão do xm-spotlight

o bandit-x liberou hoje uma nova versão do módulo. :-d vou dar uma olhada para ver o que há de bom! link para download : [url=]xm-spotlight[/url] thanks to all the people on xoops. and the input and suggestions. since dev.xoops have been up and down lately i've put the download on sourceforge. not many changes, been busy with a new version that will be able estou use other modules and other things. download link: xm-spotlight [url=][/url] install: upload and click install in module admin. update: .. save any custom template that you are using. and uninstall the old (maybe delete the folder). and then do an install. changes: * template file extensions are changed to

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