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February 2009

What is U.K Government Open Source Action Plan?

The Uk government has published a new policy aimed at promoting the use of open source software in the public sector. It is also aimed at promoting open standards and encouraging the re-use of IT solutions. Measures include an education programme, guid...

January 2009

Reason why Profits slump at Sony Ericsson?

Swedish-Japanese Mobile-phone maker Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications said it swung to a fourth-quarter net loss of €187 million ($246 million), from a €373 million profit a year earlier, as contracting consumer demand and decreased availability ...

October 2008

Goldman Sachs Citigroup Inc. Merger now its a joke!

When Warren made an investment in GS, he said he was investing in BRAINS. I think those brains so far are scrambling because they are going to be soon served in France as scrambled brains on a platter. She loves me, she loves me not,she loves me, she l...

September 2007

2007 open source cms award finalists

isso foi sempre uma deficiência no xoops, a falta de divulgação. agora inda mais rachado, porque essas brigas de ego, o que só tem a perder é o próprio cms e a comunidade do mundo inteiro.

2007 open source cms award finalists

poxa.. o xoops nem se quer apareceu na lista.. :-( estamos sem moral :-( :-( :-( mas tem problema não., isso vai mudar., vamos trabalhar para mudar isso! (espero que seja logo!)

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