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04 August 2008

02 August 2008

Integrate web for reference on desktop offline Microsoft,Adobe products

Another cool application which is similar to firefox addon for browsing and has the ability to integrate lot of features which works with all Microsoft Office program including Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Notepad, WordPad), Adobe PDFs, Facebook, ...

How to convert m3u to mp3 audio files and download them

Here is a easy way to download and convert audio songs from m3u to mp3.If you don’t know what m3u is then it is file extension for a playlist of MP3 audio files and it is not a Audio.M3U is a computer file format that stores multimedia playlists whic...

01 August 2008

How to copy Multiple Files/Folder names in bulk to Notepad file

I just wanted to send the list of file names which were in my folder to a friend but as the file list was massive,I was not able to write down the whole list.For this reason I had to search the whole Internet for a easy method to copy all the file name...

11 July 2008

Instant messaging with instant translation online service

Ever wanted to chat with people of different tribes,different countries who speak different languages but couldn’t do so because of the language conflict.Well here is a web 2.0 instant messaging service called as MeGlobe.   Unlike other instant ...

21 June 2008

How to repair corrupted word document .doc file

Just received a important document file from your friend and while opening the file,you come to know that it is corrupted.Also your friend deleted that document from his Hard disk as he thought that if he needs the file then he can ask you!! Lol.. Unlu...

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