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April 2009

‘Creativity and Outside The Box Thinking’ Is Important For Business Development, Marketing, Product Development, Service Development and Growing The Business!

Many individuals that may be viewed as intelligent, smart, and brilliant may not be as open to new ideas and solutions as people would think they are. Look at Albert Einstein who refused medical treatment for a large growth in his abdomen and died from...

February 2009

August 2008 - sell content online (spelled five-O-C) offers a dead-simple solution for experts and authors around the globe, to sell and promote any digital material, such as secrets, tips, texts, documents, photos, audio, video, URLs, art, consultation sessions, treatments, ideas and files. Have your shop and let others be your affiliates and sell for you!

July 2008

Blogger’s edit,highlight image with Finetuna online tool

if you are blogger in your own niche who likes to explain readers through images in the blog post then  first you have to search image or capture screenshot using various tools.After this you have to edit them to make notes or highlighting the ima...

June 2008

Corrupt your files and save them

Life is a game of completing projects.Whether you are in school,college or office,you have to complete a project in the form of slides,documents or pdf files which is really annoying (atleast for me) You have a deadline to submit a project/report but y...

Seven best listed FTP search engine services

FTP is file transfer protocol used for exchanging files and FTP server are spread all over the Internet which can be set up anywhere between game servers, voice servers, Internet hosts and other physical servers for own usage or to share with others. &...

Recommended Bookmarking plugin for wordpress blog

I was just glancing through my mails and found a mail from a blogote reader on Bookmark plugin I use on this blog. Hi there Thanks for the informative blog. I’ve been enjoying your posts thoroughly. One question: At the end of your ...

May 2008

Lycos Launches Webon web 2.0 cool site building service

First of all I thank the Tineye Team who not only invited me to use their search engine,firefox addon but also for commenting on my blog.One person from their team left a comment on this post stating Hello! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the se...

April 2008

Making banners free; Text effects; Bulit-in pictures and flashes; Uploading own pictures and flashes; Complete flash banner templates; Endless variations of banners; Making own animations; Endless flash, picture, drawing, text;

February 2008

January 2008

December 2007

November 2007

Free DNS Hosting Services

Why Use Free DNS Hosting Services? Free DNS hosting services are useful if you: * Need secondary DNS servers. * Need MX records for a virtual domain. * Want control over your DNS records: change DNS frequently, changing ISPs soon.


Free Lifetime URL and Email Address with a VDirect Redirect

October 2007

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