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27 November 2006 21:30

scripts de exibi��o de informa��es

este hack e igual o do xoops :-d hello estou all. i have added the groups of the user estou the userinfo, so they are displayed in his/her profile. it is nice for projects like mine, that all members (not only the admin) need estou know when a member is part of a special group. i developed this hack from a post of bluescreen, who did something similar estou point 2, but for another purpose. sorry i can't find that post. the hack is this way: 1) in the file /language/english/user.php add this line: quote: // hack jordi user groups displaying. define('_us_grupos','community status'); // end of hack jordi. ---------------------------------- 2) in the file userinfo.php look where it says this: quote: if ( is_object($xoopsuser) && $isadmin ) { $xoopstpl->assign('lang_editprofile', _us_editprofile); $xoopstpl->assign('lang_deleteaccount', _us

scripts de exibi��o de informa��es

tem um hack aq aq no xoops também :-) ele mostra o utilizador dentro do grupo pode servir tb. xoops