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March 2009

Dr. Ben S Bernanke Calls for Increased Financial Market Regulation

Guide Regulatory Revamp, Less Restrictive Money-Fund Rules! Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben S Bernanke urged an overhaul of financial regulatory policies and accounting rules in an effort to smooth out the extreme volatility in financial markets. Bernank...

February 2009

Financial Stability Plan: What is Timothy Geithner new bank rescue plan?

I don’t know how the private-public partnership will work. But it does look like for the ‘bad bank’ the losses will mostly be suffered by taxpayers, and gains will mainly be by plutocrats. The new plan might be a rerun of the Bush adm...

October 2008

A full review on New Federal Reserve liquidity swap facilities?

Today, the Federal Reserve, the Banco Central do Brasil, the Banco de Mexico, the Bank of Korea, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore are announcing the establishment of temporary reciprocal currency arrangements (swap lines). These facilities, like...

September 2008

A review on joint actions plan Federal Reserve, central bank, bank of england and Swiss National Bank

Now that the entire global financial community is saying that a global collapse is possible, maybe the conspiracy theorists and ideologists will realize that a bailout is simply not optional. Slowing down the Bail Out process and WaMu failure will not...

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