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April 2009

MGM Mirage staves off bankruptcy wins CityCentre Waiver From Lenders

MGM Mirage won a waiver from lenders to pay about $70 million on its CityCenter project without partner Dubai World, staving off for now a possible bankruptcy filing by the development, allowing construction to continue on the Las Vegas Strip developme...

Collapse of talks: Colony Quits MGM Mirage Deal

As the recession takes a toll on gambling getaways, Colony Capital LLC has ended its talks with MGM Mirage, which owns properties from Las Vegas to Detroit to Macau, over a potential investment. Recently, the WSJ reported that MGM Mirage is in talks wi...

August 2008

Orangeman Burns - Sriram Sridharan's Blog

This is a blog about me, myself and things that happen around me. My main blogging interests include DIY electronic projects, hardware hacking, micro controller programming, GSM communication, travel photos, technology news and recipes. As you can see, my interests are varied and I strive to not categorize my blog into any particular niche. Happy Reading!!

January 2008

December 2007

November 2007 - free web application for brainstorming online

by 13 others
Esse site (bem a lá moda Web 2.0) é simplesmente perfeito para quem precisa gerar novas idéias para algum projeto.

Gigamaster and Sertes join the project

Xoopserver (aka Gigamaster) has been a familiar face to most of you in and other sites. He is one of most popular contributors in the XOOPS world. Sertes contributed grate Russian translations to the project. And now, he joins us as Russi

April 2007

busca com o módulo ws-project

não sei se é assim, porque eu vi em algum lugar. inclua estas linhas no seu [color=0000ff]xoopsversion.php // search. $modversion['hassearch'] = 1; $modversion['search']['file'] = "include/"; $modversion['search']['func'] = "ws-project_search"; na última linha antes do [color=0000ff]_search, você coloca o nome da pasta do módulo que no caso acho que é [color=0000ff]ws-project_search. depois vai na administração de módulos e atualize o ws-project.

busca com o módulo ws-project

na busca do portal, o módulo ws-project não participa dos resultados. como posso mudar isso? grato desde já