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Creating an IRC bot in PHP from scratch

This script lets you interact with an IRC channel, there is a demo page where you can see it working, and it lets you post messages to the IRC channel directly

January 2008

Techie Corner

Techie Corner | The place for computer tips and tricks! microsoft windows, open source, database, programming, freeware and etc

Lua Player Tutorial

psp:lua_player:tutorial [psDevWiki]

December 2007

Redeclare native PHP functions

Sad but true: PHP does not support function overloading, nor is it possible to undefine or redefine previously-declared functions. So lets hackit: "How to Redeclare native PHP functions" - MySQLForge :: View Snippet

Lazy programming and lazy evaluation

Lazy programming is a general concept of delaying the processing of a function or request until the results are needed. This concept has numerous applications, from the obvious to the obscure. Thinking in terms of lazy programming can help you rid your co

November 2007

March 2007


PEiD detects most common packers, cryptors and compilers for PE files. It can currently detect more than 600 different signatures in PE files.