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January 2009

How to Import Google Notebook to Zoho - Quickly & Effortlessly

I received several requests from many readerss asking how to import Notebooks from Google Notebook. i think Zoho  have come up with a great way to import your Google Notebooks into Zoho Notebook in three easy steps and less than five minutes. Here are...

August 2008

Wordpress category,posts and tags editing plugins

If you are blogging on wordpress then you know the large amount of plugins available for different purpose ranging from editing the look to styling them giving you many more options to tweak the blog.We had a talk about bookmarking wp plugin,seo wordpr...

July 2008

Best useful SEO wordpress plugin for blogging

Wordpress being state-of-the-art article publishing platform has huge benefits when it comes to plugins.Their are various developers who create wordpress themes and different plugins for various purposes.For search engine exposure their have been quite...

June 2008

Wordpress plugin to watermark your images instantly

Due to copyrighted Image theft,people use watermarks on their self captured pictures/photographs.Watermarks is a layer of words like your own domain name,our your signature which are on the original image which helps to know the original owner of the i...

Wordpress Plugin All in one seo is no longer supported

All in one Seo plugin which is used by many wordpress bloggers are sad because this plugin is gone,Yes! it is no longer supported. All in one seo pack plugin is used to optimize the blog post and get better result in search engine results.Uberdose,the...

LuaCOM Plugin

This is an Indigo Rose plugin format plugin version of the LuaCOM library created by Vinicius Almendra and Renato Cerqueira, at TeCGraf, the Computer Graphics Technology Group of PUC-Rio (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil).

Recommended Bookmarking plugin for wordpress blog

I was just glancing through my mails and found a mail from a blogote reader on Bookmark plugin I use on this blog. Hi there Thanks for the informative blog. I’ve been enjoying your posts thoroughly. One question: At the end of your ...

May 2008

Awesome Wordpress commentator info plugin

Today when I was going through the comments on my blog post,I saw a horrifying comment from a kid who called me Popstar !! He holds a blog called Noworld but his question was “What plugin did I use to show up the information of a commentator ?&#8...

April 2008

October 2007

webmarketing, plugin seo para firefox

na real, isso ajuda a você monitorar o quanto o seu portal é "popular". você vê como seus portais concorrentes estão, etc. se você quer otimizar o seu portal para seo, você precisa implementar o shorturl ou algum hack similar para aplicar ao portal todo. no que ajuda? a facilitar a busca por palavras nas urls do seu portal pelo google. ele consegue identificar mais rapidamente seu conteúdo e melhorar o teu posicionamento no ranking exibido por ele

webmarketing, plugin seo para firefox

encontrei esta dica no portal: fala que é um dos melhores plugins para seo (otimização para portais de busca) como isto pode ajudar o meu portal ?

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