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September 2008

Rock climbing in Mexico

Rock climbing in Mexico, map with all the zones... rutes and boulder...Mapa de zonas de escalada en roca de rutas y de boulder en Mexico con informacion y topo. Fotos de areas naturales excelentes para practicar el ecoturismo.

August 2008

Event Photographs | Event Pictures | NBC Olympics

View photo galleries from NBC4 and the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, search photographs from NBC4. See pictures of each olympic athlete online at and watch the summer games from Beijing, China only on NBC Television.

July 2008

December 2007

Changing the DPI of a Digital Photo

All About Digital Photos - Changing the DPI of a Digital Photo

November 2007

December 2006

Bizarre X-ray photography of Bert Myers

Now only if Wilhelm Röntgen was a bit more articulate, we would have seen similar art-forms arise far earlier in the 19th century than expected. However, a doctor seem to have done the impossible, that is to use an everyday medical apparatus to create mesmerizing art-works.

November 2006

Graduation Trip And Fall

Ah graduation... a time for the accomplishments of a lifetime of learning to be placed on display for all to take part in. What a proud moment!