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April 2009

UBS axed 240 Jobs in Asia-Pacific Wealth Mgmt group

Swiss bank UBS AG (UBS) is laying off 100 staff in Singapore, which together with Hong Kong as part of efforts to cut costs. The bank is shedding 240 jobs, or about 8% of the work force altogether in Asia Pacific, all from its wealth management group. ...

November 2008

Dr. Elaine Mardis Joins Pacific Biosciences Scientific Advisory Board

-Pacific Biosciences, a private company developing third-generation DNA sequencing technology, announced today that Elaine Mardis, Ph.D., co-director of The Genome Center at Washington University School of Medicine, has joined its ...

September 2008

Texas Pacific Group investor letter- humbled by Wamu losses

Drastic move by the government to close and sell the banking assets of savings and loan company Washington Mutual Inc to JP Morgan basically wiped out the $1.35 billion investment that TPG made five months ago..Texas-based private equity firm Texas Pa...

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