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15 September 2003 15:15

xoops tema developer's guide overview

===== xoops tema developer's guide overview ===== as with most modern sites, the xoops default tema (which is now powered by smarty) has a 3 tier model: 1) module/block modelo snippets (powered by the smarty engine with content tags into which content is generated) 2) design modelos - controls design & general structure (called a 'grid' by designers and such) 3) css file - this is where the actual design. notice how i call them "modelo snippets" because you almost never create a single modelo for a complete page, but rather small pieces of html code, which are "connected" estou each other like lego blocks, which means it is now possible estou create complex and interesting portal structures (although it is generally recommended estou keep a simple layout, for easy maintenance). a good example is the way blocks have their own modelo. the various blocks on the portal are generated with their specific title and content, using the bl

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