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September 2009

Your Financial Advice

Offers latest news and updates.

April 2009

Anheuser-Busch InBev Selling Rolling Rock?

Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the world’s largest brewer, is exploring the sale of its Rolling Rock brand, the Wall Street Journal reported. The report specified that the company sounded out potential bidders for Rolling Rock, a pale lager sold in dis...

February 2009

Full Madoff Client List; Includes Sandy Koufax and Madoff’s Own Attorney Ira Sorkin, Peter, Mark and Andrew!

Among the thousands of others named were Madoff’s family members, including his sons, Mark and Andrew, and his brother, Peter. The Manhattan offices of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC was declared a crime scene after the veteran inves...


Ein Blog betrachtet andere Internetseiten und stellt diese vor.

January 2009

adicionar no bloco do news, a categoria?

olá amigos, fiz o meu site em xoops, e uso o módulo de notícias news, na página inicial de meu site eu coloco vários blocos de últimas notícias do módulos news, mas somente aparece a data e o título da notícia, eu queria que aparecesse também o nome do tópico "categoria" antes do título porque já vi alguns sites desse jeito, alguém pode me ajudar? aonde altero? meu site é aguardo a sua ajuda. muito obrigado

Tips for Successful Business Networking strategies at

CEOWORD.BIZ continues to grow. This is such a beneficial tool for online networking, and I continue to use it for strictly business use.  Even though CEOWORD.BIZ is a business networking portal I am constantly amazed by the number of people who just s...

A Great Start to 2009: Discover, share and enjoy web apps at Startup Exchange.

If you’re Web-literate, you can organize more and more of your life around Web-based tools and services given away by a host of young startups. It is dedicated to helping Internet companies, start-ups and growing businesses market their product o... - Where CEOs & Entrepreneurs Network featured on Killerstartups!

We’re proud to annouce that recently - Where CEOs & Entrepreneurs Network has been featured on KillerStartups, a site dedicated to reviewing the best up-and-coming Web 2.0 software. They described it also as a “Network that des...

December 2008

Why Hugh Hefner's daughter, Christie Hefner, quitting Playboy?

It’s very discouraging to keep reading about everyone’s drop in numbers. Do you think she is resigning from the position to avoid being accountable if things continue this downward trend? Does anyone have any advice for a regional magazine ...

Do you think its is worth for Rick Wagoner, Alan Mulally and Robert Nardelli to put their jobs on the line?

I agree with Megan and Obama and Romney that the solution for saving the auto industry is not a blank check from the government. The auto industry has not followed the rules of the market, they did not meet the demand for fuel-efficient cars quick enou...

How to save General Motors Corp.?

Cut down from five regional offices to two. One in Atlanta (east of the Mississippi River)and one in LA (west of Mississippi River). That means Chicago, New York, and Dallas are closed. With about 250 people working in each location (750 total) at an average of $100,000 each, that is a yearly savings of $75 million. Operation cost (rent, equipment, etc.) at the three locations will save another $1.8 million.

Report on Yahoo-Microsoft talks: Jon Miller and Ross Levinsohn may leads the firm!

This deal sounds like it would give Microsoft the right from day one, through a call option, to pay $20B & then keep *all* search revenue generated on Yahoo properties. (In the meantime until the option was exercised Microsoft would provide search ...

November 2008

Citigroup New Rescue Package is the greatest heist in American history.

Sadly, it is quite clear now that Paulson is simply another typical Bushevik crony capitalist. As far as he is concerned the bailout money is intended to enrich his friends and everyone else can simply stick it.  To the plunderers go the plunder…you...

October 2008

September 2008

Athens News only English-language daily: Under threat of closure

Dear readers, Just now I received an email informed that next week’s issue of the paper might be the last. I think it could close after a major funding blow put its future in doubt. Athens News: Greece’s only English-language daily newspap...

August 2008

Orangeman Burns - Sriram Sridharan's Blog

This is a blog about me, myself and things that happen around me. My main blogging interests include DIY electronic projects, hardware hacking, micro controller programming, GSM communication, travel photos, technology news and recipes. As you can see, my interests are varied and I strive to not categorize my blog into any particular niche. Happy Reading!!

módulo news, xigg

[quote sitecite=modules/d3forum/index.php?post_id=97976] citando jscorrea: mikhail, funcionou bem, corrigi algumas coisas. mas o que notei que apesar de estar definido xoopscode não ocorre a transformação para html, fica aparecendo os códigos xoopscode. como você fez para lidar com isso? abraço. joão oi, joão! perdão pela demora em responder, acabei de voltar de viagem. lembro desse problema mas não da solução. vou pesquisar os detalhes da estrutura sql do xigg neste fim de semana antes de atualizar o xigg do xoops brasil, então no máximo até domingo terei a resposta. também preciso entrar em contato com alguém do [url=][/url] para ver se consigo o script que converte os dados do newbb/d3forum em xigg. a ideia é deixar o d3forum apenas para comentários e deixar o xigg como fórum padrão.

módulo news, xigg

mikhail, funcionou bem, corrigi algumas coisas. mas o que notei que apesar de estar definido xoopscode não ocorre a transformação para html, fica aparecendo os códigos xoopscode. como você fez para lidar com isso? abraço. joão

módulo news, xigg

achei aqui desculpe.

módulo news, xigg

notei que aqui vocês importaram os dados do módulo news para o xigg. preciso fazer o mesmo, podem me ajudar? obrigado.

July 2008