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Royal Bank of Scotland shortlists three bidders for Asia business

Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC (RBS) has a shortlist of three bidders for its Asian retail and commercial banking assets in a sale that could fetch up to $1.8 billion, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal’s Web site. The shortlisted...

Dr. Ben S Bernanke Calls for Increased Financial Market Regulation

Guide Regulatory Revamp, Less Restrictive Money-Fund Rules! Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben S Bernanke urged an overhaul of financial regulatory policies and accounting rules in an effort to smooth out the extreme volatility in financial markets. Bernank...

A review on Merck and Schering-Plough $41.1B deal!

The Merck/Schering-Plough deal follows on the heels of New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company, Pfizer’s $68 billion purchase of Wyeth. Merck & Co Inc, a global research-driven pharmaceutical company said, that it would acquire Schering-Ploug...

Top web-based Video Conferencing Software and application sharing Tools for small biz!

Years ago the first video call took place, when AT&T introduced the Picturephone at the 1964 World’s Fair in America. Viewed as a fascinating curiosity at the time, it never actually became popular and was too expensive to be practical for most c...

What is State Street's Tangible Common Equity Improvement Plan (to slash dividend)?

State Street to slash dividend, warns on outlook. Boston-based State Street Corp., the world’s largest money manager for institutions, all but eliminated its shareholder dividend and cut bonuses to increase capital depleted by bond losses and costs t...


Vivian Schiller Leaves NYT; Joins NPR As New CEO

Vivian Schiller of The New York Times Web site will be the new president and chief executive officer of NPR (National Public Radio), the NPR board of directors announced Tuesday. Schiller, who is currently senior vice president and general manager of N...

Neal L. Wolkoff to become CEO to ELX Electronic Liquidity Exchange

ELX Electronic Liquidity Exchange was established by 12 leading financial institutions as a competitive alternative serving global futures market participants. Its mission is to bring enhanced liquidity, cost-effectiveness, and reliability to global fu...

A review: why The New York Sun is shutting down?

I often disagreed with the editorial bent of the The New York Sun, but I will say that they had fantastic arts coverage, muckraking exposes, and not infrequently the paper’s confident editorials. There will be a Tuesday issue of the New York Sun...

Nebraskan Jeff Raikes new CEO to replace Patty Stonesifer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Seattle-based foundation with a $37.3 billion endowment and more than 500 employees) has selected Jeff Raikes as the next CEO of the foundation. Raikes, former president of the Microsoft Business Division, will...

Download New Movie album of GHATOTHKACH 2008(Hindi-Nonrapidshare)

MOVIE NAME: GHATOTHKACH (HINDI) DIRECTOR : Singeetam Srinivasa Rao PRODUCER : Smita Maroo & Vinod Suryadevara CAST : Animated MUSIC DIRECTOR : Singeetam Srinivasa Rao LYRICISTS : Sameer CASSETTES & CD’s ON : T Series SINGERS : Shravan, Da...

Download new Hindi video Haal - E - Dil - Jaan Ve (2008 Promo)

Rip Size 8.31 MB Resolution 576 *272 Runtime 59 sec Framerate 25.00 FPS Audio 128 kb/s Video 1048 kb/s Screen Shots Download Link of Hindi video Haal - E - Dil - Jaan Ve : [Rapidshare] Click here to download Haal - E - Dil - Jaan Ve (2008 Promo...


Expected utility and scale of Foreign Exchange Market.

Non-economists are repeatedly surprised to find out that the foreign exchange market is by far the largest financial market worldwide.

*NEW!* Brand New Set of Order Now Graphics Master Resale Rights

*NEW!* Brand New Set of Order Now Graphics Master Resale Rights

módulo limpeza 1.0 new module!

verdade, mas considerando que a maioria dos servidores são linux não teremos problemas, não sei como vai funcionar nos helm's da vida, no cpanel funciona beleza. tio bill é. rss

módulo limpeza 1.0 new module!

uma observação sobre o módulo no readme incluso nele. created by: goran zajec & creator email: creator web: xoops version 2.0 >> compatible. =============================================================== name: "cleaner" modul. =============================================================== description clean the compiled templates cache ("templates_c" directory). =============================================================== requirements: xoops version 2.0 or greater. =============================================================== limitation: works with unix/linux servers only! =============================================================== installation: unzip and upload into your xoops module directory and execute. xoops module install menu as normal. =============================================

módulo limpeza 1.0 new module!

artsgeral escreveu: .rmarx valeu pela iniciativa e a contribuição ao mundo do xoops é isso ai, a minha intenção é sempre poder contribuir coma comunidade xoops!

módulo limpeza 1.0 new module!

é verdade, toda vem que tem que faze alguma modificação no tema é aquela coisa, mais uma coizita para ajudar a melhorar o xoops rmarx valeu pela iniciativa e a contribuição ao mundo do xoops

módulo limpeza 1.0 new module!

cansado de acesar o cpanel ou ftp sempre que precisa apagar os arquivos do diretório templantes-c? chegou a solução! traduzi um módulo chamado "templates cache cleaner" mudei o nome dele tornando-o ainda mais brasileiro! resolvi colaborar com a comunidade xoops! [url=]download aqui - price free![/url] descrição: módulo eficaz para limpea do diretório templantes_c" com um único clique você apaga os arquivos do diretório templantes_c. instalção rápida e simples assim como sua utilização. testado corretamente no xoops versão 2.0.15


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