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March 2009

Laid Off: Use Social Networking Sites for Finding a Job!

Job fairs are great for making contacts, but social networking sites can often be more productive. It seems there are still more than a few job candidates who are yet to understand the importance of ‘keeping it tidy’ on social media sites.  Here i...

February 2009

Online vs. Offline Media, Web/Online Newspaper vs. Print News: Who Will Win?

People like to have morning coffee/tea along newspapers than online news. Even the magazines are good when compared to online news. Internet made huge difference in newspaper circulation. In this digital age, most of the readers are looking for online ...

What is Google Latitude- a new Social networking tool and how to use it?

You can locate your friends in real time with Google Latitude Google Latitude allows you to share your location with friends and view their locations on a map. Latitude is completely opt-in, so you must enable it before you can start sharing location ...

How social networking can fix U.S. image, Barack Obama Vs Social Networking?

A Pew Global Attitudes survey issued last year found broad anti-Americanism across the globe, with the image of the United States declining in 26 of 33 countries since 2002. The survey characterized the U.S. image as “abysmal” in most Muslim countr...

January 2009

Tips for Successful Business Networking strategies at

CEOWORD.BIZ continues to grow. This is such a beneficial tool for online networking, and I continue to use it for strictly business use.  Even though CEOWORD.BIZ is a business networking portal I am constantly amazed by the number of people who just s...

October 2008

A complete List of business Networking Websites for CEO and Entrepreneurs

The Internet provides dominant networking opportunities that let users to efficiently target their addressees by logging on to social sites like LinkedIn, ceoworld and more. Take benefit of these tools by asserting your company’s charisma online...

May 2008

Google Friend Connect

A Google revelou uma versão preliminar do Friend Connect, um serviço que permite implementar funcionalidades semelhantes às das redes sociais em qualquer página da Internet.

January 2008

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