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March 2009

itBreaks! Create, publish & discover

Musical social network (similar to MySpace) using Javascript+AJAX+Flash... Upload freely your songs, discover new music, meet other musicians/artists, manage your playlist and "create album" or groups, vote for you favorites songs. There's a MP3 player, a forum, ranks of the most popular songs, a stories section, and much more.

February 2009

Online vs. Offline Media, Web/Online Newspaper vs. Print News: Who Will Win?

People like to have morning coffee/tea along newspapers than online news. Even the magazines are good when compared to online news. Internet made huge difference in newspaper circulation. In this digital age, most of the readers are looking for online ...

May 2008

Google Friend Connect

A Google revelou uma versão preliminar do Friend Connect, um serviço que permite implementar funcionalidades semelhantes às das redes sociais em qualquer página da Internet.

September 2007

yogurt social network 3.0

muito obrigado gisa_iagami. 3.0? deem uma olhada aqui: