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April 2009

Fannie Mae CEO Herbert M. Allison to head Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP): Neel Kashkari replacement.

Obama pick’s a guy with Fannie Mae AND Merrill Lynch on his resume to run the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Sounds like the Wolf guarding the Hen house. What’s wrong with Neel Kashkari? Shouldn’t they try and find some independent NE...

March 2009

Merrill Lynch's top 10 earners made $209 million in 2008

Merrill Lynch & Co’s ten highest-paid employees received a total of $209 million in cash and stock in 2008, up slightly from $201 million paid to the top 10 a year ago, the Wall Street Journal reported citing reviewed figures. Eleven top exec...

December 2008

Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain says no to 2008 bonus!

All politics. So, he’ll get a 30 million dollar bonus next year, and everyone will have forgotten what a crook he is, or at least, stop making a big deal out of it. The wall street Journal reported today that John Thain CEO of Merrill Lynch appli...

Do you think Merrill Lynch's John Thain Should be paid?

The board of Merrill Lynch (MER) is fighting with CEO John Thain over whether he should get a bonus. The board will probably win. It is the board. And, since Merrill has been sold to Bank of America (BAC), members don’t have to look Thain in the ...

Winthrop H. Smith speech: Bye Bye Merrill Lynch!

Below is an impassioned speech delivered Friday to shareholders Winthrop H. Smith, a long-time Merrill employee and son of one of the founders, as they gave the go-ahead to merge with Bank of America. ‘Thank you for allowing me to say a few words...

September 2008

Executive acquisition: Merrill Lynch has snapped up a team of Lehman bankers.

A week after Japan’s leading independent investment bank, Nomura, confirmed it has agreed to acquire Lehman Brothers’ operations in Asia-Pacific and Europe, Merrill Lynch has swooped in and snapped up a team of Lehman bankers. Merrill Lynch & ...

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