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March 2009

Nokia cuts a further 1,700 jobs worldwide as demand falls!

The world’s biggest maker of mobile handsets Nokia said the move will hit staff in sales and marketing, corporate development functions and product purchasing and management divisions. The bulk of the cuts - 700 - will go in Finland, where the g...

February 2009

Top web-based Video Conferencing Software and application sharing Tools for small biz!

Years ago the first video call took place, when AT&T introduced the Picturephone at the 1964 World’s Fair in America. Viewed as a fascinating curiosity at the time, it never actually became popular and was too expensive to be practical for most c...

What is Bebo Open Mobile programme?

Global social media network Bebo, announced the launch of Bebo Open Mobile, a new global partnership program which will offer the mobile industry a suite of tools to provide their customers access to the Bebo social networking experience. Through the B...

December 2008

Ex. Novartis Thomas Ebeling to replace Guillaume de Posch at ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG

Thomas Ebeling will be the new CEO of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, from March 1, 2009. He last served as CEO of Novartis Consumer Health and as a member of the Novartis Executive Committee. He was appointed to the ProSiebenSat.1 Executive Board and named C...

Why Hugh Hefner's daughter, Christie Hefner, quitting Playboy?

It’s very discouraging to keep reading about everyone’s drop in numbers. Do you think she is resigning from the position to avoid being accountable if things continue this downward trend? Does anyone have any advice for a regional magazine ...

Jeffrey Schwartz Joins Lateral Media, Inc. as Chairman and CEO

Asianada, Inc. announced today that Jeffrey Schwartz has joined as its Chairman and CEO and that certain assets have been acquired from Grupo Grandioso, LLC. Asianada is also announcing a name change to Lateral Media, Inc. The company anticipates a cha...

November 2008

Siemens CEOs Tony Affuso, Dennis Sadlowski, Randy Zwirn Awarded CEO Diversity Leadership Award!

Diversity Best Practices, a subsidiary of Working Mother Media, has named three U.S. Siemens executives among the 2008 winners for its CEO Diversity Leadership Award. The awards will be presented at the 15th annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Su...

January 2008

Video que explica a Web 2.0 - em português

O Sapo Codebits pretendia reunir as pessoas mais talentosas do nosso país na área das Tecnologia de Informação. Dos vários workshops que lá decorreram destacamos este, já citado pelo Boorlix, por Frederico Oliveira, onde explica o que é afinal

December 2007

November 2007

AutoPlay Media Studio Examples for Newbies

Here are some basic examples that would give NEWBIES the start they need. Once you understand how to replicate these samples on your own projects, you can step-up and enjoy the truly amazing features of AMS. Then build your own software using AMS!

October 2007

*NEW!* Media Autoresponder With Master Resale Rights Autoresponder Email S

*NEW!* Media Autoresponder With Master Resale Rights Autoresponder Email S

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