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06 April 2008 17:15

Get Paid To Search

Concept: Make money for every time you search by using the ASK search engine. Installation: Add another "search engine" in your search box located in Firefox, IE7, etc... Pay: The conversion from Euros to US currency is about 3-4 cents per search. Usual Revenue: Every 25 searches is about $1 so you'll usually make $30-$70 a month. Payment Method: Check or PayPal. Countries: Works in +160. Experience: I have been payed a few times and I am very happy with my experience. I complete many searches everyday through my browser and this allows me to cash in on it. I have cashed out twice, once for $45 and the other time for $65. I have actually started to like ASK much better than Google's search engine because of some of the extra features it provides.

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