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March 2009

Lawrence H Summers on the Crisis!

President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, Lawrence Summers said that he is confident that the administration’s plan to boost growth and revive financial markets will work, though he acknowledged that the timing of a turnaround is uncle...

September 2008

Another Lawrence J. Ellison initiative, HP and Oracle team up

Another Lawrence J. Ellison initiative, HP and Oracle team up, Oracle CEO, Lawrence J. Ellison, in front of a packed auditorium at San Francisco’s Moscone Center declared that Oracle, the world’s largest seller of database software, was fo...

Lawrence J. Ellison

Chief Executive Officer Oracle Corporation Lawrence J. Ellison has been Oracle’s Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors since he co-founded the company in June 1977. Mr. Ellison served as Chairman of the Board from May 19...

August 2008

University of Illinois drop out Lawrence J. Ellison of Oracle: highest paid Technology CEO

With $84.6M pay package Larry Ellison ($26 billion man) of Oracle Corp., Technology’s highest paid CEO currently is also America’s highest paid CEO, - who with a fiscal 2008.  Noting that annual pay totals are “based on salary, bonu...

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