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NASA Images

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A Nasa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) abriu as portas à sua fabulosa coleção de imagens, vídeos, sons e informações sobre um vasto leque de projetos e missões. Se é um apaixonado pelo mundo das estrelas, conte com muito tempo de pesquisa sobre planetas, estrelas, sistemas solares, missões de pesquisa do solo lunar, imagens do Hubble e muitas outras informações recolhidas ao longo de décadas a explorar o espaço.

Wordpress plugin to watermark your images instantly

Due to copyrighted Image theft,people use watermarks on their self captured pictures/photographs.Watermarks is a layer of words like your own domain name,our your signature which are on the original image which helps to know the original owner of the i...

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Bizarre X-ray photography of Bert Myers

Now only if Wilhelm Röntgen was a bit more articulate, we would have seen similar art-forms arise far earlier in the 19th century than expected. However, a doctor seem to have done the impossible, that is to use an everyday medical apparatus to create mesmerizing art-works.