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April 2009

Sun Microsystems-IBM fallout: What happens next?

This isn’t a good thing for Sun Microsystems Inc., its Shares fell nearly 23 percent (closed at $6.56, down $1.93.) Monday on news that IBM had withdrawn its $7 billion acquisition offer, and Sun is now vulnerable to shareholder lawsuits or chang...

March 2009

What an IBM-Sun Deal; Is this deal a good one?

Web powerhouse Sun Micro poised at brink of IBM. Why IBM can not fight MS or Google? I would buy Yahoo than SUN? Hey, why IBM can not build one like Yahoo? Is it a bad idea for IBM to buy Sun? Twitter is hot once again this morning, this time over ‘...

Again: IBM Tech's Cash King in talks to buy Sun Microsystems

The company IBM is currently negotiating a deal in which it will buy Sun Microsystems for the hefty sum of US$7 billion. The deal will be a very important one, and according to The NY Times could result in an anti-trust challenge. IBM Corp. is in talks...

January 2009

IBM Layoffs - 2800 Cut Based On Age

International Business Machines Corp., the world’s largest technology employer, cut at least 1,400 sales jobs last week to trim costs as customers reduce spending. US computer and software giant IBM Corp is planning to cut more than 2,800 jobs, a lab...

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