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April 2009

Women like intelligent men

Researchers reported that women fall Khvivi shadow of men. Through the study of 45 women aged between 18 and 30 years

March 2009

google remove pictures of street directory

Search engine Google to withdraw tens of pictures page manual on the new street in Britain After receiving a number of complaints.

The gravity of the head strikes

May seem a blow on the head in the beginning, simple in form, they result in immediate pain, or any other symptoms, but they can cause brain injury to be life-threatening.

February 2009

How Obama can slash U.S. Budget Deficit in half by 2013: four years?

Obama keeps stating that these were the campaign promises that got him elected and it’s what America wanted. My question is have we grown so used to seeing politicians backtrack on all their campaign promises that we expected obama to do the same?  ...

November 2008

A Review and Effects of Health Net's Third Quarter 2008 Earnings

Health Net, Inc. Announces Changes in Senior Management Responsibilities The Board of Directors of Health Net, Inc. announced changes in key senior management responsibilities, effective immediately. The board has directed Jay Gellert, president and c...

September 2008

Why Cardinal Health Spinoff is impotent: George S. Barrett to replace Kerry Clark

Medical supplier Cardinal Health Inc, a global provider of products and services paid Chairman and CEO R. Kerry Clark $9.7 million in total compensation in fiscal 2008, more than doubling his compensation from the year before. Clark’s 2008 pay p...

August 2008

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