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07 March 2009

Amazing Cadillac Graffiti

This caddy is spray painted on a legal graffiti wall in Austin, Texas. The colors make it Banksy quality work.

02 March 2009

East Austin Permission Wall

Wildstyle graffiti pictures on a legal wall.

27 February 2009

Legal Graffiti on East 5th (pt. 1)

SXSW commissioned some amazing graffiti art on an East 5th street wall. Here are the pictures.

26 February 2009

Austin's Underground Graffiti (pt. 6)

There are sweet graffiti pieces to be found in Austin's tunnels.

Required Watching

Wild Style and Style Wars are two classic graffiti films from the 1980s. One is a documentary, the other tells a narrative, but they both follow the hiphop culture trio of graffiti, breakdancing, and rap music.

25 February 2009

Austin's Underground Graffiti (pt. 3)

These are some sweet pieces in an Austin tunnel.

26 January 2009

ATX Graffiti

ATX Graffiti is a blog dedicated to documenting the graffiti of Austin, Texas. For our purposes, “graffiti” refers to any sort of street art, legal or otherwise. We try and record the location and details of noteworthy tags, throwups, pieces, and burners.

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