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April 2009

American International Group plans sale of U.S. auto business, 21st Century Insurance, to Zurich Financial Services

US taxpayer-bailed out insurance giant American International Group Inc. (AIG) is in advanced talks to sell its US personal lines insurance business, 21st Century Insurance, to Zurich Financial Services for about $2bn. Selling the unit, which includes ...

US Planning to reveal bank stress test results for Top 19 Banks to restore confidence.

The US government could disclose bank stress test results details about the financial health of its top 19 biggest banks in a bid to reassure investors and restore confidence in the financial system. US government regulators are conducting stress tests...

Private Sector Partners That Are Keeping America Informed!

The U. S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has released its annual report for 2008 and in it are a host of highlighted accomplishments.  In many ways, the GPO does demonstrate how government work should be effectively centralized. While the report cov...

February 2009

Citigroup Inc. reaches aid deal with US government to increase stake.

Another day, another bailout! I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. I suppose until ownership goes over 50% they can claim it is still private but it’s the thin end of the wedge and nationalization is inevitable. Presumably this also dil...

What is U.K Government Open Source Action Plan?

The Uk government has published a new policy aimed at promoting the use of open source software in the public sector. It is also aimed at promoting open standards and encouraging the re-use of IT solutions. Measures include an education programme, guid...

How to Use Social Networking in Your Job Search!

It is commonly observed that job seekers use their friends and relatives to find a job. Social Networking attract millions of visitors every month, providing lots of opportunity for individual interaction and relationship building. While activity is in...

November 2008

Citigroup New Rescue Package is the greatest heist in American history.

Sadly, it is quite clear now that Paulson is simply another typical Bushevik crony capitalist. As far as he is concerned the bailout money is intended to enrich his friends and everyone else can simply stick it.  To the plunderers go the plunder…you...

October 2007

*NEW!* How to Get a Job in the Federal Government MASTER RESALE RIGHTS Fin

*NEW!* How to Get a Job in the Federal Government MASTER RESALE RIGHTS Fin

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