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April 2009

Google Disables Uploads, Comments on YouTube Korea

Google has disabled user uploads and comments on the Korean version of its YouTube video portal in reaction to a new law that requires the real name of a contributor be listed along each contribution they make. The rules, part of a Cyber Defamation Law...

March 2009

USA State -Vermont

Industry electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, printing and publishing, paper products, tourism

USA State - Wisconsin

Industry machinery, food processing, paper products, electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, tourism Agriculture dairy products, beef cattle, hogs, vegetables, corn, cranberries

USA State - Wyoming

Industry mining, chemicals, lumber and wood products, printing and publishing, machinery, tourism Agriculture beef cattle, sugar beets, sheep, hay, wheat

February 2009

What is Google Latitude- a new Social networking tool and how to use it?

You can locate your friends in real time with Google Latitude Google Latitude allows you to share your location with friends and view their locations on a map. Latitude is completely opt-in, so you must enable it before you can start sharing location ...

January 2009

Top Professional & Technical Online Document Sharing Sites!

Content Sharing sites have seen a boom not only since the Youtube mega-deal. But why the hell do we need documents sharing? I think, Sharing in this way is social networking of office documents. Remember how Wikipedia was being used by every PR agency ...

Top replacements or alternative for Google Notebook!

I’m surprised google is dropping Google Notebook. I wonder what the reason is?  Still, it’s their choice.  That’s why so many of their free products are always ‘beta’. They can drop it whenever they want. Google is discontinuing development...

How to Import Google Notebook to Zoho - Quickly & Effortlessly

I received several requests from many readerss asking how to import Notebooks from Google Notebook. i think Zoho  have come up with a great way to import your Google Notebooks into Zoho Notebook in three easy steps and less than five minutes. Here are...

December 2008

Clearwire Completes Transaction With Sprint Nextel and $3.2 Billion Investment to Launch 4G Mobile Internet Company

Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWRD for the first 20 trading days and CLWR thereafter) today announced that it has completed the transaction with Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S - News) to combine their next-generation wireless Internet businesses. T...

November 2008

Google slows hiring, Eric Schmidt To Step Down!

I think he just disaggreing with the fact that to survive the crisis he will have to be evil. He may not want to be a part of that travel … These days CEO Eric Schmidt is devoting much of his public-speaking time to pressing for green-energy stim...

What is Google CEO Eric Schmidt's Innovation Bailout plan?

Well I’m sure Obama will listen to Schmit. He will soon be pouring our tax dollars into the Auto industry so the UAW can keep they’re gold plated compensations. He will be paying off any other big business that helped put him in office. I ...

October 2008

Why Eric Schmidt eyeing the very first CTO position? Obama fever!

who would have guessed that the CEO of Google would support a “socialist” for president? That is just about as strange as finding out that the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State would support an extremist. ...

September 2008

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