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February 2009

Stanford fraud case: FBI Arrests Stanford Executive Laura Pendergest-Holt

The FBI made the first arrest in the Stanford Financial Group fraud investigation, detaining Chief Investment Officer Laura Pendergest-Holt on federal obstruction charges. The criminal complaint against Pendergest-Holt said she failed to tell investiga...

What is Santander's Madoff payout?

The people responsible for Santander’s Madoff strategy are not even at Santander anymore. They left a few months before the scandal broke. Santander announced last week it would compensate all individual clients who invested in the Optimal Strategic ...

December 2008

A full report on Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities Ponzi scheme: GREED and STUPIDITY!

I agree and I call it GREED and STUPIDITY… who in the hell in their right imnd thinks that a money manager can return 8% to 12% per year…even when the market goes to hell in a handbasket…even in the era of 1974…come on!!! I reca...

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