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December 2008

A report on: Electricite de France targets US Constellation Energy again

Electricite de France S.A. (”EDF”) announced that, through its subsidiary EDF International, it has sent a letter to the Board of Directors of Constellation Energy  proposing to acquire a 50% ownership interest in Constellation’s nuc...

September 2008

A Harvard Business School student Pierre Gadonneix buyout plan: EDF buys British Energy

Why not the CNN or BBC could have used a headline like “French Government (EDF’s largest shareholder) Takes Control of Britain’s Nuclear Industry” or “A Harvard Business School Takes Control of Britain’s Nuclear Ind...

September 2007

últimos trabalhos do xoops france no

<h1>últimos trabalhos do xoops france no</h1> <pre><img src="" alt="xoops2 módulo xplorer 0.1 beta pemen" /><a href=""></a> 07-mar-2008 09:54 182k <img src="" alt="xoops2 módulo smartpartner 2.0rc fr" /><a href=""></a> 27-jan-2008 10:10 245k <img src="" alt="xoops2 mode awaman 0.21" /><a href=""></a> 23-jan-2008 10:31 41k <img src="" alt="xoops2 módulo wflinks 1.03c" /><a href="http://mir

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