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02 April 2009 12:00

A guide of using commands and switches for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

The command that starts Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is outlook.exe. Each time you start the program, you run the outlook.exe command, although you do not usually type the command or even see it. You can change certain aspects of how the program start...

02 April 2009 10:00

How to synchronize Outlook and Apple iPhone or iPod touch?

Synchronize Outlook and Apple iPhone or iPod touch contacts: 1. Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer using the cable provided with your device or by placing the iPhone or iPod touch in the Apple Universal Dock. iTunes opens automatically ...

02 April 2009 09:00

Most useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook 2007?

A keyboard shortcut is a keystroke that you can use to execute a command in a computer program more quickly. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, as in previous versions, comes with its own set of keyboard shortcuts in addition to the standard Windows shortc...

How To Add And Manage RSS Feeds In Microsoft Outlook 2007?

Websites that provide RSS feeds usually have an orange RSS symbol somewhere on the page that denotes the fact that you can subscribe. Microsoft Outlook 2007 includes an RSS reader, that allows you to save and forward RSS articles. Having an RSS reader ...

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