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Former CEO of Dubai International Film Festival Neil Stephenson sues Abdulhamid Juma and Shivani Pandya!

The former CEO of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) Neil Stephenson is suing two former senior colleagues for libel amid allegations of calling him a “racist” and an “Arab hater.” The major legal action, launched in t...

Standing Point Films

Standing Point Films is an independent and documentary production company based in Chicago. Operated by filmmakers Meredith Zielke and Yoni Goldstein, SPF specializes in socially critical media production (including photo and audio) and video experimentation. SPF is also available for contract and commission based work.


Bizarre X-ray photography of Bert Myers

Now only if Wilhelm Röntgen was a bit more articulate, we would have seen similar art-forms arise far earlier in the 19th century than expected. However, a doctor seem to have done the impossible, that is to use an everyday medical apparatus to create mesmerizing art-works.

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