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April 2009

Game guru Will Wright leaves Electronic Arts to head up Stupid Fun Club!

Game guru, Will Wright creator of SimCity, The Sims and Spore, has left Electronic Arts Inc. to head up a new entertainment incubator called Stupid Fun Club. Whereas Electronic Arts is making an equity investment in Stupid Fun Club, Will Wright’s...

October 2008

Neal L. Wolkoff to become CEO to ELX Electronic Liquidity Exchange

ELX Electronic Liquidity Exchange was established by 12 leading financial institutions as a competitive alternative serving global futures market participants. Its mission is to bring enhanced liquidity, cost-effectiveness, and reliability to global fu...

May 2008

March 2008

Speed Freak, The (Martin Damm)

Martin Damm has been releasing records since 1990 under various project names, the most recurrent ones being Biochip C., Speedfreak, and Search & Destroy. Starting off making german-style EBM techno, he soon became part of the Cologne school around walker

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