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March 2009

Cowboy Bob (the story that almost got away!)

This is a heart-felt personal story of Mike Bonifer, a good friend and Chief Game Changer at Game Changers. It is in response to a question on how entrepreneurs can survive and thrive in a down economy! Re-published with permission and carries Mike&#82...

February 2009

After stocking up on food... (tips to build a business during a down economy)

What started off as a series of Tweets, has morphed into an actual blog post. It is also a sorta response to the gloom and doom posts around building a small, growing company in a down economy. Having founded and helped build one through a couple of do...

December 2008

Reason behind $50B Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Scheme!

A Ponzi Scheme is fairly simple to understand. There are no underlying assets. Instead, the investment from new investors is used to pay off old investors. This could also be the final nail in the coffin in the hedge fund “industry” as anyo...

November 2008

Citigroup New Rescue Package is the greatest heist in American history.

Sadly, it is quite clear now that Paulson is simply another typical Bushevik crony capitalist. As far as he is concerned the bailout money is intended to enrich his friends and everyone else can simply stick it.  To the plunderers go the plunder…you...

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