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Full Madoff Client List; Includes Sandy Koufax and Madoff’s Own Attorney Ira Sorkin, Peter, Mark and Andrew!

Among the thousands of others named were Madoff’s family members, including his sons, Mark and Andrew, and his brother, Peter. The Manhattan offices of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC was declared a crime scene after the veteran inves...

Top Professional & Technical Online Document Sharing Sites!

Content Sharing sites have seen a boom not only since the Youtube mega-deal. But why the hell do we need documents sharing? I think, Sharing in this way is social networking of office documents. Remember how Wikipedia was being used by every PR agency ...


document management, quem estava precisando disso?

você pode detalhar com é o funcionamento deste módulo para nós?

document management, quem estava precisando disso?

tinha alguém precisando disso, não lembro quem era, até que procurei para posta no lugar mais adequado, mas aí vai assim mesmo. acho que é muito útil para quem vai usar uma intranet, ou extranet. document management version: 0.4 submitted date: 2003/6/25 description: 0.4 release of a document management system for xoops. features: document storage. basic document checkin/checkout locking capability. document versioning. document properties. document routing (to user inboxes within this dms) user, group, and everyone permissions. planned features: document life cycles (folder-to-folder) modelos. simpler checkin/checkout. keyword properties search. full text search. copy/move capabilities. 973 26.87 kb jordan

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