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April 2009

MGM Mirage staves off bankruptcy wins CityCentre Waiver From Lenders

MGM Mirage won a waiver from lenders to pay about $70 million on its CityCenter project without partner Dubai World, staving off for now a possible bankruptcy filing by the development, allowing construction to continue on the Las Vegas Strip developme...

Georgia-Based Attorney Robert P. Copeland charged in $28 million fraud: Ponzi Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged, Georgia-based Marietta real estate attorney Thursday for operating a Ponzi scheme that sold promissory notes to raise funds that were purportedly invested in real estate transactions, including private mo...

‘Creativity and Outside The Box Thinking’ Is Important For Business Development, Marketing, Product Development, Service Development and Growing The Business!

Many individuals that may be viewed as intelligent, smart, and brilliant may not be as open to new ideas and solutions as people would think they are. Look at Albert Einstein who refused medical treatment for a large growth in his abdomen and died from...

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