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April 2009

Taiwan firm Elan Microelectronics hits Apple with multitouch patent lawsuit!

Apple Inc. (AAPL) is being sued once again for patent infringement. This time law suit is being pursued by  Elan Microelectronics, a Taiwanese integrated circuit design firm in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Elan Microelectronics has apparently...

February 2009

How to Use Social Networking in Your Job Search!

It is commonly observed that job seekers use their friends and relatives to find a job. Social Networking attract millions of visitors every month, providing lots of opportunity for individual interaction and relationship building. While activity is in...

January 2009

Tips for More Effective PowerPoint Design in 2009

PowerPoint slides are a visual aid intended to support your oral delivery–not to replace it. Good slides are good pictures. They are a visual representation of what you are saying, attractive to look at and easy to understand just by glancing at ...

November 2008

Design Central | Premium Design Services

Design Central is the best web design firm in New Zealand. We strive to bring the best possible experience to our clients, and we do this through every way possible. We also offer Web Hosting. If you have a website already built, you need to get it on the world wide web. We have web hosting plans starting from only $4.95 NZD per month. Now thats exceptional value. So remember Design Central for all your web needs.

October 2008

A complete review on 2008 15th Annual 3PL CEO survey: threats or opportunities

The surveys discussed below mark a continuation of a series of annual surveys of the CEOs of major 3PL service providers that began in 1994. During 2008 three separate surveys were conducted—one of the CEOs of large companies serving the North Ameri...

September 2008

NASA Images

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A Nasa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) abriu as portas à sua fabulosa coleção de imagens, vídeos, sons e informações sobre um vasto leque de projetos e missões. Se é um apaixonado pelo mundo das estrelas, conte com muito tempo de pesquisa sobre planetas, estrelas, sistemas solares, missões de pesquisa do solo lunar, imagens do Hubble e muitas outras informações recolhidas ao longo de décadas a explorar o espaço.

June 2008

Creating beautifully designed Wordpress themes without programming knowledge

When it comes to creating a wordpress theme,first thing comes to our mind is to master the art of hectic programming.I am not good in programming and for this reason I used to ask my friends to help me in coding the wordpress theme and all of them help...

Designers Toolbox

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Designers Toolbox: Graphic Design Tools : Lorem Ipsum Text Generator : Create An Online Portfolio

May 2008

Search Engine Guide

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Search Engine Guide - Small Business Help for Website Promotion and Increased Search Engine Traffic

Pingdom Benchmark Tools

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WEBSITE INFORMATIONS - Total loading time: The total time it takes to load the page including all objects; Total objects: The total number of objects loaded that are related to the page; External objects: The total number of objects from external domains;


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February 2008

IT Exchange Romania

Software development, web design & development, outsourcing and custom development services - IT Exchange Romania

January 2008