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Dell May Bring Smartphones To China Talks With China Mobile

It looks, Dell is cooperating with China Mobile to launch two smartphones based on China Mobile’s Open Mobile System (OMS) operating system. OMS is itself based on Google’s Android operating system. Dell might be working on some smart phone...

Dell Crystal 22" Monitor

Dell's 22-inch widescreen flat-panel LCD monitor: cool design!


What are Dell's new Cost Savings Measures?

Dell Inc. the world’s second largest producer of desktops and notebooks, will offer nearly all of its employees up to a week of unpaid leave as part of an effort to cut costs this quarter. The giant PC vendor, based in Round Rock, Texas, hopes to sav...

A review on Dreamforce 2008 and its Cloud Computing , the enterprise cloud computing company, today kicked off its sixth annual Dreamforce Conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco. With thousands of people in attendance, Dreamforce brings together the global community ...

Michael Dells- a Tricky CEO trying to impress his investors?

Michael Dell Founder and CEO of DELL Inc has bought about 4,878,000 shares worth about $100 million of his company’s stock in two transactions last week, following a drop in the computer firm’s shares after it reported disappointing results. The n...


The PC De-Crapifier

Remove the software that comes pre-installed on many PC's.

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