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April 2009

UBS axed 240 Jobs in Asia-Pacific Wealth Mgmt group

Swiss bank UBS AG (UBS) is laying off 100 staff in Singapore, which together with Hong Kong as part of efforts to cut costs. The bank is shedding 240 jobs, or about 8% of the work force altogether in Asia Pacific, all from its wealth management group. ...

January 2009

My heart bleeds- Barclays to cut 2,100 jobs worldwide!

I no longer believe it when a company says that its most important resource are its people. To corporations people are so expendable. When push comes to shove, companies will throw their people out in the streets rather than give up their corporate jet...

December 2008

How U.S. Federal Reserve historic Fed interest rate cut affects you ?

U.S. Federal Reserve policymakers dropped a key interest rate to the lowest level in history, policymakers lowered the federal funds rate from 1 percent to a target range of 0 percent to 0.25 percent. The decision signals that Fed Chief Ben Bernanke is...

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