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February 2009

Ford's Bill Ford and Alan Mulally will take 30 percent pay cuts!

The automaker Ford says two top executives will take 30% pay cuts in an effort by the company to conserve cash. The reductions will apply to Chief Executive Alan Mulally and Executive Chairman Bill Ford Junior, and will be in effect this year and next....

November 2008

Citigroup New Rescue Package is the greatest heist in American history.

Sadly, it is quite clear now that Paulson is simply another typical Bushevik crony capitalist. As far as he is concerned the bailout money is intended to enrich his friends and everyone else can simply stick it.  To the plunderers go the plunder…you...

October 2008

A complete review on -European summit on the global financial crisis

French President Nicolas Sarkozy hosted the hastily-called meeting of the leaders of Britain, Germany, and Italy in Paris, as the financial plague which started on Wall Street continues to spread through the world economy. European leaders have opened...

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