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06 June 2007 01:00

05 June 2007 23:00

google group to coordinate efforts for xoops to move on

ok smart, thanks :) name: gisa_iagami. age: 4.x :-) 1963 :) counter please. site: language: portuguese. contribution: participation in various community support and development xoops. co-admin portal support in brasil. co-leader team: dev version xoops customiz for brazilians. documenter xoops - default portuguese. translations modules. hack modules. dev modules. outher portais contributor, admin or no: - actual hacked. - 1st version xoops basead in version 2.0.15 100% compatible, renegued :( - next version compatible modules and themes 2.0.16 - actual hacked. - actual hacked. - is disable for admin mark and carnuke. my english is very poo

05 June 2007 10:00

google group to coordinate efforts for xoops to move on

you may not ignore the fact that xoops is stuck into immobility since some time. a huge number of xoops contributors, local support teams, xoops professionals are fed up with so much inactivity from the xoops team. i've created a public google group estou give a place estou coordinate xoops users efforts who want the project estou move on. all xoops contributors, local support team, who want estou make xoops move on instead of dying may come estou talk with respect in that public space. a xoops user who can't stay waiting for xoops estou die.

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