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Online vs. Offline Media, Web/Online Newspaper vs. Print News: Who Will Win?

People like to have morning coffee/tea along newspapers than online news. Even the magazines are good when compared to online news. Internet made huge difference in newspaper circulation. In this digital age, most of the readers are looking for online ... a leading online animation community lays off some staff a leading online animation community lays off some staff an online animation community has laid off employees. MyToons is the first global animation community to offer you the ability to upload and view your animations in High D...


Star Trek Forum

Friendly Star Trek Community

A full report on Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities Ponzi scheme: GREED and STUPIDITY!

I agree and I call it GREED and STUPIDITY… who in the hell in their right imnd thinks that a money manager can return 8% to 12% per year…even when the market goes to hell in a handbasket…even in the era of 1974…come on!!! I reca...

XOOPS Cube Grecia -

XOOPS Cube Grecia -

Interessant für Sportler

Natürlich gibt es noch etliche weitere Angebote im Web 2.0 Bereich für Sportler und Bewegungshungrige als wie in meinem vorherigen Beitrag. Doch neben einer Vielzahl von Sport-Communitys hat sich auch der ein oder andere interessante Dienst offenbart. Diese liste ich hier kurz und zusammengefasst auf:

Google permite reativar conta do Orkut

Google permite reativar conta do Orkut | Undergoogle - Tudo sobre Google!


XOOPS community donations being used to fork XOOPS by the XOOPS Foundation

But this also is presenting a serious ethical, moral, and legal issue for the XOOPS Foundation Board of Directors: Herko, Marcan, and DavidI2.

House of Strauss

Excellent read and example of linking to additional internal and external community outlets.

How to connect to IRC channel -

This new wiki article explains how to connect to XOOPS Cube IRC channel. You can choose your favorite IRC client from a number of clients in any OS

IRC Channel Opened for test

In the forum, we have discussed whether we should have a IRC channel. And now, we opened a channel for test