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March 2009

Lehman to Auction Two Bank Units: FSB and Woodlands Commercial Bank

Lehman Brothers is in the early stages of a process to auction a thrift and an industrial bank it owns, Reuters reports, citing a source familiar with the matter. The sale of Lehman Brothers Bank FSB, a Delaware thrift, and Woodlands Commercial Bank, a...

May 2008

Just Do IP at NECG - Network Economics Consulting Group Pty Ltd 2000

"Technology is taking us to a scenario where the (capitalist) way of producing will be defeated and eventually replaced. We have the seed of a new role where there will be no market rules." - Mikhail Miguel, a webmaster / programmer from Rio who co-aut...

December 2007

XOOPS community donations being used to fork XOOPS by the XOOPS Foundation

But this also is presenting a serious ethical, moral, and legal issue for the XOOPS Foundation Board of Directors: Herko, Marcan, and DavidI2.

November 2007

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