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April 2009

Carl Icahn Submits His Biogen Plan with SEC filings

Carl Icahn nominated four members for Biogen’s board and proposed expanding its size to 13. Biogen’s board size is currently set a 12. Icahn also proposed moving the company’s incorporation from Delaware to North Dakota, which recentl...

November 2008

Carl Icahn and Willis; both on the same boat

Guys like this always puzzle me. I remember a quote from Bruce Willis, who, after making a dub movie, Hudson Hawk, said, after critics trashed him, ” who cares, I have enough money now, to skip rocks in the river for the rest of my life.” T...

Akesis Pharmaceuticals Appoints Carl LeBel as CEO and Jay Lichter as Executive Chairman

Akesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced that current president and chief operating officer, Carl LeBel, Ph.D., has been appointed to the role of president and chief executive officer. Dr. LeBel has served as president and chief operating officer s...

October 2007

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