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January 2009

The Most Popular/Top Twitter Web 2.0 applications!

Twitter, the fast-growing microblogging and social media site, where users post short updates about what they are doing has received an explosion in visitors. Twitter had a banner year in 2008. Seventy percent of Twitter’s membership joined last ...

July 2008

Web based online blog post easy editor - WriteToMyBlog

Wordpress blog post publishing have a lot of feature for easy publishing but when it comes to adding videos, inserting new layer or table then you look for a different blog editor which has all advanced option.You can go with window’s live writer but...

Best useful SEO wordpress plugin for blogging

Wordpress being state-of-the-art article publishing platform has huge benefits when it comes to plugins.Their are various developers who create wordpress themes and different plugins for various purposes.For search engine exposure their have been quite...

Blogote June 2008 Monthly wrap up

Finally a great June month ended,there was a lot of unexpected traffic which is just because of the pillar articles that got a good response from social sites.Pillar articles are that which make your blog stand out,these are the articles which give the...

June 2008

Creating beautifully designed Wordpress themes without programming knowledge

When it comes to creating a wordpress theme,first thing comes to our mind is to master the art of hectic programming.I am not good in programming and for this reason I used to ask my friends to help me in coding the wordpress theme and all of them help...

Windows Live writer trick – Auto save your posts

When I was writing this post on Multi client IM using windows Live writer ,their was a sudden power cut which resulted in loss of the whole content and sadly I had to rewrite it again.This is not the first time I have lost content,I try to keep article...

You are a useless blogger if

Blogging is a way to share knowledge and make good amount of money but if you are thinking of various ways to make your blog stand out from this huge crowd then you must have patience and determination to set your goals in a step by step sequence. Us...

May 2008

Search engine optimisation & internet marketing blog

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BlogStorm is one of the UK's largest search engine optimisation resources. BlogStorm is written by Patrick Altoft, managing director of Branded3 Search Ltd, a search engine optimisation company from Leeds, UK.

Search Engine Guide

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Search Engine Guide - Small Business Help for Website Promotion and Increased Search Engine Traffic

Some ways to build your blogging community

For a new blog it is always necessary to have good bond with other senior blogs to cope up in this massive Internet blogging world.Creating a good community with the fellow bloggers is a way to make your blog look sensible and get some descent traffic ...

June 2007

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