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The world's most powerful blogs for CEO / Entrepreneur!

The CEOWORLD Magazine world’s most powerful blogs for CEO / Entrepreneur are the world’s largest blog competition. Congratulations to all winners who made it to the list and special thanks to all those that made this contest a major success...

Top web-based Video Conferencing Software and application sharing Tools for small biz!

Years ago the first video call took place, when AT&T introduced the Picturephone at the 1964 World’s Fair in America. Viewed as a fascinating curiosity at the time, it never actually became popular and was too expensive to be practical for most c...


Siemens CEOs Tony Affuso, Dennis Sadlowski, Randy Zwirn Awarded CEO Diversity Leadership Award!

Diversity Best Practices, a subsidiary of Working Mother Media, has named three U.S. Siemens executives among the 2008 winners for its CEO Diversity Leadership Award. The awards will be presented at the 15th annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Su...

Rockstar's Inspirational People - Amit bhawani

This is a new section where I will say personally what I feel and write about my favourite friends who helped me all the way to build this Blogote empire.I will write about updates,favorite posts and announcement in this Site news Section. I am sure ev...


*NEW!* 37 Best List Building Secrets Exposed! PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS

*NEW!* 37 Best List Building Secrets Exposed! PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS

*NEW!* How to Choose the BEST MP3 Player for YOU eBook

*NEW!* How to Choose the BEST MP3 Player for YOU eBook


The five (5) musketeers of mobile applications

A review of 5 must have mobile applications that are heralds of their own accord and have a large compatibility factor. Almost like, cookies..but better

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