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US Planning to reveal bank stress test results for Top 19 Banks to restore confidence.

The US government could disclose bank stress test results details about the financial health of its top 19 biggest banks in a bid to reassure investors and restore confidence in the financial system. US government regulators are conducting stress tests...

Oregon sues OppenheimerFunds over 529 losses

Acting on behalf of tens of thousands of Oregon families, the state sued OppenheimerFunds Inc.,and are seeking $36.2 million in damages from them, which managed a fund responsible for steep losses in the Oregon College Savings Plan. Oregon Treasurer Be...

Dr. Ben S Bernanke Calls for Increased Financial Market Regulation

Guide Regulatory Revamp, Less Restrictive Money-Fund Rules! Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben S Bernanke urged an overhaul of financial regulatory policies and accounting rules in an effort to smooth out the extreme volatility in financial markets. Bernank...


Alcatel-Lucent $52M loss: What is Ben Verwaayen's new Plan

Newly appointed CEO Ben Verwaayen is happy to be onboard, but said that company profitability “remains unsatisfactory,” especially in the carrier space, where revenue declined 9.4%, at a constant exchange rate and on a year-over-year basis....

Alcatel-Lucent Picks Philippe Camus, Ben Verwaayen as a new Chairman and CEO

Alcatel-Lucent’s board (the world’s largest French-U.S. telecommunications-equipment company) chose Philippe Camus, a former European aerospace company EADS co-CEO and partner at French media group Lagardere, its new chairman, and Ben Verw...


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