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Egyptian Pyramids

Pyramid designers learned that if pyramids were going to be higher and have steeper slopes, their bases needed to be wider.

Formation of the Kingdom

Political and religious, as well as artistic order, was also maintained in Egyptian art. In order to clearly define the social hierarchy of a situation, figures were drawn to sizes based not on their distance from the painter's point of view but on relative importance.

Dynasties I and II

Clear and simple lines combined with simple shapes and flat areas of color helped to create a sense of order and balance in the art of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian artists used vertical and horizontal reference lines in order to maintain the correct proportions in their work.

Arts and Crafts

Due to the highly religious nature of Ancient Egyptian civilization, many of the great works of Ancient Egypt depict gods, goddesses, and Pharaohs, who were also considered divine. Ancient Egyptian art is characterized by the idea of order.


Joe Barrett named President and CEO of Quantum Art, Inc.

Barrett named President and CEO of Quantum Art, Inc. Positions leading provider of content management solutions for next stage of growth. Quantum Art Inc.,, an established Web Content Management System (WCMS) provider working with co...



Bizarre X-ray photography of Bert Myers

Now only if Wilhelm Röntgen was a bit more articulate, we would have seen similar art-forms arise far earlier in the 19th century than expected. However, a doctor seem to have done the impossible, that is to use an everyday medical apparatus to create mesmerizing art-works.

Cool Star Wars Graffiti: I Am Your Father

Really cool looking star-wars inspired graffiti done on mangy old thug-corners. You see now, there is a star-wars nerd among everybody..even hooligans and crooks who lurk in the shadows.


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