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Berita Indonesia Terkini

Baca berita terbaru. Termasuk berita usaha, ekonomi, pendidikan, dan nasional.

Watch Free Movies

Watch old classic movies and new released movies for free.


Play Age of Kingdom

Lead your kingdom through the dark age and advance to the modern and robotic ages. Provide home and food for your citizen. Trade to get some cash or material. Train your soldiers and protect your land from your neighbouring enemies.

A Time for Survival

Survive for the allotted time using your mouse and shrinking ability. Buy upgrades if you fail and try again.

Play Global Gears

A street racing game complete with upgrade, nitro boost, and tough AI opponents. Race in five countries, win money to buy and upgrade your car, and beat them all!

Shattered Colony - tower defense game

Awesome tower defense game! Build towers, collect and manage resources to expand and destroy zombies.

RG Racer 3D Racing Game

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New addicting racing game! Play single race or one on one competition in this 3d racing game.

X Rider - BMX Games

Spectacular bmx half-pipe game where you can practice your biking skills. You can also participate in the competition against other players world wide. You have 120 seconds to perform as many stunts you can. So get ready!!

Desert Buggy

Crazy desert racer with freeride elements. Win races to buy better buggy and unlock new tracks.

Drag Bike Manager 2

Play as a drag bike manager. Buy motorcycle, hire racer, mechanics, and umbrella girls to win the race!


Burning Wheels - Racing Game

An addictive 3d car racing game! Full of upgrades, awesome graphics, and an innovative weather system. Win races, upgrade your car and buy up to 8 stunning cars.

Truck Parking Game

Challenging truck parking game with 8 levels.

Bike games

A great place to play motor bike racing games, bmx games, stunt dirt bike, and pimp my bike games.

Highway Pursuit Game

You are a police officer on a hot pursuit of a criminal gang. The gang leader is driving a red car. Shoot their boss in the red car to win the game!


Digg is one of the top 10 most useless sites

Digg is one of the most depressing web sites when you compare it to what it once was.

Hottest Dancing Girls

Check this video out !!! Hottest dancing girls.

watch free cartoon

Cool site for kids. watch cartoon for free.

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