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02 December 2005

27 November 2005

18 Tricks to Teach Your Body

by 2 others
getting over body's little annoyances

24 November 2005 | Your free online color matching toolbox

by 71 others
your free online tool for color matching and palette design!

21 November 2005

Google Groups : comp.lang.ruby

a ruby library for creating NFS safe lockfiles

Google Groups : comp.lang.ruby

automatically release new files to RubyForge

09 November 2005

Seth's Blog: Understanding Local Max

by 1 other
getting from local max to big max

08 November 2005

Ajaxian: Ajax Contact Form

by 2 others
This simple little puppy will send off the email in the background via Ajax, keeping you up-to date on progress with indicators.

04 November 2005

HowToUseMySQLRubyBindingsOnWin32 in Ruby on Rails

latest version of mysql-ruby on windows


by 1 other (via)
MySQL API module for Ruby.

03 November 2005


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open source, visual diff and merging.

02 November 2005

Geek to Live: Write effectively for the Web - Lifehacker

by 3 others
6 tips for writing blog posts more effectively.

01 November 2005

Learning from THE WEB

Adam Bosworth on things you can learn from the Web about managing and modeling distributed data.

31 October 2005

21 October 2005

20 October 2005

19 October 2005

17 October 2005

16 October 2005

13 October 2005

11 October 2005

10 October 2005

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