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March 2009

November 2008

The WordPress Icon Contest Quanundrum - Positive Space Blog

It appears that in the process of finding designers, the WordPress team actually received 12 qualified candidates. Instead of choosing to base the work on the applicant’s letters of intent and portfolio, the team chose to propose a contest to the designers.

La classe...

September 2008

July 2008

Binary diff

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Faudrait faire des patch binaires dans Dotclear :)

162ème semaine - humani nil a me alienum puto

On ferait mieux de subventionner les avortements (comme ça les pauvres n'auraient pas d'excuse), et ne RIEN verser du tout ensuite.

June 2008

April 2008


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Isolator is a small menu bar application that helps you concentrate. When you're working on a document, and don't want to be distracted, turn on Isolator. It will cover up your desktop and all the icons on it, as well as the windows of all your other applications, so you can concentrate on the task in hand.

February 2008

matroska + vobsub + subtitles … finally!

Mixer des sous titres vobsub directement dans un fichier mkv.

January 2008

RFI - Trop de psychotropes pour maladies « façonnées »

Des psychiatres, psychologues et chercheurs ont dénoncé une « dérive » du marché des médicaments psychotropes, incriminant notamment la « logique marchande » des firmes pharmaceutiques : des psychiatres s’insurgent contre le « façonnage » de maladies de troubles de l’humeur, qui vise à remplir leurs tiroirs-caisses.

Measuring Cup Recipe Management for Mac OS X - Shallot Patch

Measuring Cup is a free recipe management program written in Cocoa. It features a nice user interface and is easy to use.


VelaTerra is an interactive almanac and world clock that displays and compares local times, daylight hours, and moon info for time zones and cities throughout the world. It can be used to quickly determine a reasonable time for a phone call or meeting for multiple time zones. VelaTerra is different from other world clocks!

December 2007

PCinspector Data Recovery

Freeware pour Windows, pratique pour les cartes mémoire

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