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27 November 2018

Seeta Aur Geeta (1972): MP3 Songs Download Free Music Song | Do

Seeta Aur Geeta (1972): MP3 Songs Download Free Music Song.

5 Benefits of using an Email Autoresponder Service

A survey conducted by Optify back in 2013 found around 60% of its surveyed companies lacking the use of autoresponders to send out their emails for them. For its survey, Optify defined autoresponder as an automated system that triggers a series of email responses after an online form is completed and submitted. In today’s e-marketing world, the quality of a bulk email service

26 November 2018

7 Tips to Plan a Successful Email Blast

Businesses usually need to communicate to their existing and potential customers most frequently. This keeps them closer to their audiences. As email is among the most preferred communication channels, described below are 7 tips to plan a successful email blast.

23 November 2018

Avoid these practices if you do not want your emails land in Spam folder

The biggest hurdle faced in bulk email marketing is deliverability ratio. Deliverability ratio is the number of emails that make to the inbox of users’, to the total number of emails you actually send. It is affected when most of your emails are classified as Spam and sent to the spam folder by automated algorithms put into place by mailbox providers like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail to filter spam content. When an email lands in Spam, it is not considered as delivered because it never actually reaches to the intended user. Here are a few practices to avoid if you don’t want your emails to be considered Spam:

22 November 2018

Why Should Newbie Internet Marketers Choose Best Email Marketing Services?

Latest trends show that an increasing number of users are shifting their focus on email marketing, as it is one of the most efficient and least expensive ways to communicate your message. However, many of the newbie internet marketers find it hard to identify the best email marketing services, compatible with their business requirements. This article spotlights the concerned issues, while finding an appropriate email marketing plan.

20 November 2018

Step By Step Instructions To Compose a Successful Email Newsletters That Creates More Activity

Emails and Newsletters are extraordinary wellspring of expanding movement on your websites yet overlooking them can bring about swear decays. In the event that your bulletins and messages are compelling then they can make an agreeable connection with your clients which I figure is the best and top business method. The best part of this inviting relationship is that they can make an in number bond between clients and an organization more than a site can.

19 November 2018

Ever wonder why your open rates are low?

I have been hearing this a lot lately from my clients and other fellow marketers that their open rates are falling. Though they have same kind of audience and same content. If you are experiencing same, you are not alone. You know, email marketing is still very effective, but it is changing. Specially, ISP spam filters are updating every now and then, and marketers really have to adapt to these changes in order to remain up to date.

16 November 2018


If you are spending too much time and money to get new customers, then STOP RIGHT THERE and focus more on your existing customers. Every successful business has customers’ list that is acquired obviously over a period of time. But that isn’t permanent… All businesses lose their customers now or then, therefore it’s very necessary to maintain the existing customers.

15 November 2018

Top 7 Tips to Write a Professional Email Copy

A professional email copy is the key to a successful bulk email marketing campaign. The way you lay out an email copy to send out to your entire subscribers’ list is extremely important, hence its composition should not be done in a hurry. Here are our top 7 tips to compose the perfect email copy for your next campaign.

14 November 2018

Introducing SMTP Relay Service

Last week I briefly mentioned some Big Things happening at BulkResponse. Well, it's finally here. My team and I have been working very hard day and night burnin

13 November 2018

How to clean email lists? An honest review of different email list cleaning tools

The answer is "NO". We as ESP are more focused on getting your emails delivered without problems. It is beyond our scope to do the email list cleaning. However, we can certainly make some recommendations that can help you clean your lists. After all, we

12 November 2018

Things You Need To Know About

I have been thinking hard on what we should write about the first blog post on our official blog. Then we had huge brainstorming session in house (yes, it is that hard) and we all agreed, why not start answering some common questions customers ask us every day.

09 November 2018

Tips to Deliver your Email in Inbox of Subscribers

In today's high-tech world, Bulk Email Marketing is considered to be much more effective than old conventional marketing methods. However, for it to realize its full potential, its certain limitations need to be tactfully side-tracked. It is only effective as long as all your emails reach your subscribers and recipients. More often than not, promotional emails tend to land in users’ spam or junk folders. We have compiled a list of tips to follow if you want to minimize the likelihood of the same happening with emails you send out.

08 November 2018

10 Subject Lines That Will Get You Most Opens

Email marketing campaigns are surely an efficient way to entice your target audiences, but you have to tie up your laces to make the most out of it. Correct timing and right words warrant the success s of your email marketing campaign.

07 November 2018

Reasons WHY Email Marketing Fails at Times!!

Every day new data is shared about email marketing; sometimes that data creates more confusion than it resolves. However, the same email marketing

06 November 2018

How to Manage Email Bounces for Better Performance

Bounce rate is one of the most essential matrix to know whether your mass email marketing is being successful or not. They have an inverse relation with one other, Lower the bounce rate, higher the success rate in bulk email marketing.

05 November 2018


“Blast” is a word that makes us cringe whenever it is heard. You might be hearing or reading it every single day in the email compliance and deliverability field. However, there are two words that should never be uttered around, and those words are “email blast service.”

02 November 2018


No one expects to hear that e-mail is dead. In many ways, e-mail is dead for a lot of small reasons that people might not consider in start but those mistakes leave a long lasting effect. If your e-mail list is not growing, your unsubscribe rates are more than your open rates, you may want to rethink how to use e-mail more effectively to reach your target audience.

01 November 2018


Most of the times, you might be spamming your own prospects without even knowing. You're likely be thinking “how can I?” and even then, you don’t stop mass email marketing until it stops working. And, at that point, it's too late and you're left with no money.

31 October 2018


Bulk emails go into the spam, or get blocked. Why? Well, if you have low open rates, your emails get flagged by spam filters, or at times situation gets worse and results in permanent blocking. Either way, it not only wastes time and money, but is also useless.

30 October 2018

5 Emails to Send to Your Customers and How to Send Them

So you have been down the road and already have taken the first step toward by building your contact list, and now you need to send something to your subscribers. But what should that something be? And how that something needs to be delivered?

29 October 2018

Get Maximum Success With Your Email Marketing Camapigns

Get Maximum out of email marketing campaign by using proven email tactics.Everyone gets emails, far too many emails. This gets frustrating at times. But the most annoying thing about this bombardment is this that how poorly these emails are managed in mass email marketing and how much irrelevant they are.

26 October 2018


Let’s say, you want to send a mass email to your subscribers, without sounding spam. Also, you want your bulk email marketing campaign to be effective as well. If you want to get it out quickly as you don't have time to read a hundred guides about email marketing, then these are some of the general tips for providing a good mass email service in the first place.

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